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Oral Health Tips

Care For Young Adults

Getting routine preventative care at a young age is so important to your child's future smile.have a tremendous impact on your child or teen’s future smile. After all, their developing teeth are at a much higher risk of decay due to lack of hygiene or poor nutritional choices.

Preparing Them for Healthy Adult Smiles

As young adults leave school and enter the workforce, many lifestyle changes occur. Help them stay on track with a health smiling by encouraging: 

  • Good oral hygiene, including daily flossing

  • Routine visits to the dentist (every 6 months is recommended) 

  • Avoid the advice from social media influencers, and use only fluoridated toothpaste

  • Avoidance of frequent snacking or sports drink consumption

  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables

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A Balanced Diet

For young adults, getting the right nutrients is important for growth and development. For their oral health, keeping a balanced diet will help reduce any possible dental issues now and in the future.

Try to limit your child’s eating to meal times. Snacking constantly through the day increases the amount of acid attacks in our mouths. When we break from eating, our saliva is able to flush built up plaque acids leftover from eating. If your child is always eating, the mouth doesn’t get a chance to neutralise these acids and the risk of decay is increased

Encouraging your child to drink water instead of other alternatives will help them maintain good oral health. Sipping water during the day can stimulate saliva production and help your mouth wash away plaque acids and any bacteria leftover from meals. Drinking fluoridated water will also help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that combines with the tooth enamel (outer surface) to strengthen it.

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