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Advanced Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is great to access and treat small decayed areas in adults and children with little or no anaesthetic. The Laser is used also for a variety of soft tissue treatment, removing of lesions in the month, gum sculpting, relieving minor ulcers and cold sores.

  • Most procedures can be done without anaesthesia, no needle no drill dentistry, which reduces patient trauma and ansitity.

  • Removes enamel, dentin and caries quickly, safely and precisely.

  • Effectively cuts and coagulates soft tissue.

  • Reduced trauma to healthy teeth and less bleeding and swelling*

  • Suitable for Adults and Children.

  • Avoids many common problems of the high speed drill, including heat, vibration, the high pitch noise & microfractures.

East Perth Dental is one of the first in Australia to implement this minimally invasive, cutting edge technology.

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