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Oral Health Tips

Common Dental Problems

Having the right information ahead of time can help you avoid unwanted pain or dental emergencies. At East Perth Dental Centre, our East Perth family dentists are often asked about the following topics:

  • Old fillings may develop leaks around the edges, allowing cavities to recur. Some fillings may fall out, leaving a hole that may require urgent attention to prevent pain and serious problems.

  • Wearing a partial denture. Dentures can act as a trap for food particles and plaque bacteria, causing bad breath, gum problems, and greater risk of decay in the adjacent teeth. Dentures should be cleaned after eating, and removed overnight.

  • Dry mouth – It is not uncommon to have the feeling of dryness in the mouth. Sucking sweets or frequent sips of juice or sweetened drinks to make the mouth more comfortable can greatly increase the risk of decay. Sipping water frequently is a better way of coping with dry mouth.

  • Chronic illnesses and an increasing need for medications. Some medications make the mouth feel dry, or taste unpleasant. It is highly desirable to use water to relieve the dryness or bad taste; sucking sweets should be avoided.

  • Gastric reflux problems [a sour taste may indicate that juices from the stomach are being regurgitated into the mouth] – gastric juices contain strong acids that can cause damage to tooth enamel and exposed root surfaces.

  • Irregular toothbrushing – not enough fluoride to protect exposed root surfaces. A recent change in brushing habits/frequency, brought on by loss of dexterity in our hands eg onset of arthritis, may increase the risk of decay. A long-term habit of skipping brushing, particularly at bedtime, may become a problem when we have some exposed root surfaces [which are particularly vulnerable to decay].

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