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How Foods Impact Your East Perth Smile

East Perth Dental Centre Diet Tips

Diet and nutrition

Wise food choices can greatly improve your dental health.

A balanced diet goes far beyond affecting your overall physique. It also plays a key role in the health of your smile. At East Perth Dental Centre, our East Perth family dentists are here to help you make wise dietary choices that can boost the integrity of your teeth, as well as things that should be avoided.

  • Limit Frequent Snacking — The more often you consume food, the more your teeth are exposed to acids and bacteria. Stick to three balanced meals and scheduled snacks that don’t drag out over several hours.
  • Make Smart Snack Choices — Foods like fruit, cheese and nuts strengthen your teeth and promote healthy gum tissues. Avoid sweet, salty or high-fat snacks, as they can lead to other problems. Sticky foods that adhere to your teeth for a long period can cause unwanted damage to enamel.
  • Avoid Acidic Drinks — Soft drinks (regular and diet) and sports drinks contain acids and sweeteners that can increase the risk of tooth decay without you even knowing it. Instead, choose unsweetened tea or fluoridated tap water. Fluoridated water naturally rinses acids away from the teeth and promotes strong enamel.

If you have questions about whether or not a particular type of food or beverage is good for your teeth, our East Perth dentists and warm staff are happy to help.

Contact East Perth Dental Centre today if you’re experiencing any unwanted sensitivity when you eat. Same- day dentistry is available!


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