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Advanced Laser Dentistry in East Perth

Gentle Care at East Perth Dental Centre

Laser dentistry

Our advanced laser technology allows precise care with minimal disturbance.

At East Perth Dental Centre, our East Perth family dentists strive to provide minimally invasive therapy options that promote maximum long-term oral health benefits. That’s why we use advanced laser technology.

What Are Dental Lasers Used for?

Dental lasers are perfect for treating small areas of tooth decay with little to no anaesthetic. They can be used on both adults and children. Lasers are also safe for gum lifts, treating cold sores and relieving ulcers or other lesions inside of the mouth.

Lasers use light and energy to create invisible pulses for minimally invasive results.

Greater Comfort for Our Patients

We use Waterlase’s patented HydroKinetic™ technology for effective management of both hard (tooth) and soft (gum) tissues. Most procedures are essentially pain-free and can be completed without drilling or injections. Lasers offer maximum precision for even the smallest of treatments.

They also result in less bleeding, improved recovery times, and nearly-instant coagulation. This limits swelling and thereby unwanted discomfort.

East Perth Dental Centre was one of the first dental practices in Australia to implement laser technology into everyday practice. Contact us today to find out how lasers can change how you complete your dental treatment needs!


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