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Pediatric Dentist Perth

Dental Care for Infants and Children

Children's dentistry East Perth

Your child will feel right at home with us!

Access to preventative dental care can help your child grow up without common types of major oral health concerns. At East Perth Dental Centre, our East Perth family dentists love caring for young smiles.

Tools for Developing Smiles

We encourage early and routine care for newly erupted teeth that may be especially vulnerable to decay. Our dentists will discuss healthy dietary choices and oral hygiene advice to limit dental disease risks in your child. Fluoride treatments and protective sealants are also helpful.

Avoiding Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

One of the most common dental problems seen in infants and toddlers is decay along the top front teeth from extended bottle-feeding. If the baby is put to bed with a bottle of milk or juice, the teeth suffer from prolonged exposure to acids.

To help prevent this condition:

  • Clean your infant’s mouth with a soft washcloth or toothbrush before bedtime
  • Only provide water after the last feeding of the day
  • Move to a cup or feeding mug as early as possible
  • Avoid giving your child sweetened drinks or juice between feedings

Routine Checkups Save Smiles

Baby teeth decay at an alarmingly rapid rate. Our pediatric dentists in Perth recommend routine checkups every six months beginning shortly after your child’s first tooth erupts. We’ll work closely with you to create an oral hygiene plan that keeps your son or daughter’s smile healthy for as long as possible.

We pay particular attention to utilising minimally invasive techniques for gentle treatments to avoid managing dental phobia in children. Contact us straightaway to schedule your child’s first checkup!


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