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East Perth Gum Sculpturing and Lifts

East Perth Dental Centre Aesthetics


Small adjustments can greatly improve your smile!

While beautiful teeth matter when it comes to a gorgeous smile, the health and appearance of your gums are important as well. Our East Perth family dentists can help you correct unhealthy or unflattering gum tissues that may be related to:

  • Excessive gingival growth caused by medication use
  • Naturally extended gumlines that cause teeth to look “short”
  • Unhealthy tissues around teeth with gum disease
  • Uneven gumlines that cause teeth to look different sizes
  • Interfering with a procedure such as dental veneers

Laser Gum Therapy Offers Fast Results

During a cosmetic gum sculpture/lift, we use a laser to gently remove excessive tissues. It seals the incision as we go so that no stitches are required. Most people say that it is virtually painless.

We may recommend gingival recontouring to complement procedures such as porcelain crowns or veneers to correct irregularly shaped or crooked teeth. Contact East Perth Dental Centre to find out if a gum lift can help boost your smile’s appearance in just one visit.


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