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CEREC 3D Fillings in East Perth

Fight Decay at East Perth Dental Centre

Cerec fillings East Perth

We offer CEREC 3D technology for restorations.

Treating cavities as early as possible allows our East Perth family dentists to keep restorations smaller and less-invasive. The procedure may even be possible to complete with a laser.

For larger areas of tooth decay, the tooth may need a 3D filling that is made using our in-house CEREC technology. The process takes only one visit to complete and is covered by a warranty.

With CEREC 3D fillings, you can access:

  • The latest in computer-generated restorative techniques
  • A restoration that lasts as long as possible
  • Aesthetically pleasing results that blend in with the rest of your tooth
  • Biocompatible materials that aren’t affected by cold or heat

Do I Have a Cavity?

Symptoms of tooth decay can involve sensitivity, pain, swelling, difficulty chewing, and food catching between the teeth. At East Perth Dental Centre, we take routine diagnostic X-rays to screen for cavities before symptoms develop.

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